About China

Location: China is the largest country entirely in Asia. China is bordered by Russia, India, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Macau (semi-autonomous), Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Vietnam.


Capital: Beijing is the capital of China.

Size: China covers about 9,596,960 square kilometers. China is the fourth largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada, and the USA).

Population: China has the largest population of any country in the world. The population of China is about 1,321,851,000 (as of July, 2007). China is divided into 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, and 4 municipalities.



Flag: China’s flag is red with five golden-yellow stars.

Climate: China’s climate ranges from desert to tropical to subarctic.

Major Rivers: The major rivers in China are the Yangtse River, the Yellow River, and the Pearl River.

Mountain Ranges: The highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas, borders China. Other major mountain ranges in China are the Ch’ang-pai Mountains, theTsinling Mountains, and the Nan range.

Highest Point: The highest point in China is Mount Everest (8,850 m tall), in the Himalayas.

Lowest Point: The lowest point in China is Turpan Pendi (the Turpan Depression), 154 meters (505 feet) below sea level. It is located in northwestern China.

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